The history of DIAG4ZOO

DIAG4ZOO at a glance

DIAG4ZOO was founded in June 2017 by David Piquemal (CEO, CSO) and Pascal Laurent (Sales Manager). Its activity is based on the development and marketing of Diagnostics (tests, kits) and the realization of Biological Analysis services in Veterinary Health.

Our objectives

The company was founded to meet several needs expressed by local and national actors : needs of aquaculture producers to develop new tools to better monitor the health status of farms and needs of biology teachers in high schools and universities for a simple and educational training of PCR and associated technologies.

The company develops diagnostics that can be used routinely for farm biosecurity in order to improve the sanitary monitoring of animals, the quality and monitoring of farms, and in particular: the detection of pathogens, the targeted use of antibiotics, the selection of individuals of interest, resistant broodstock, or the early sexing of individuals.

Our products

DIAG4ZOO provides kits for the detection of Nodavirus, for the sexing of Pirarucu (Arapaima Gigas) present in Amazonian farms, as well as for the initiation to PCR at more than 40 higher education institutes (BTS, IUT). The company also collaborates with the CRCM, Ifremer and CNRS for the realization of molecular biology analyses (sequencing, PCR).