The history of DIAG4ZOO

DIAG4ZOO at a glance

DIAG4ZOO was founded in June 2017 at Montpellier (France) by David Piquemal (CEO, CSO) and Pascal Laurent (Sales Manager). Its activity is based on the development and marketing of Diagnostics (tests, kits) and the realization of Biological Analysis services in Animal Health.

The company is located at the heart of the Euromédecine business park, in the Biopôle dedicated to the health and life sciences sector: an ideal ecosystem for developing scientific partnerships and research projects.

Our objectives

DIAG4ZOO was founded to meet several needs expressed by local and national actors of the veterinary field :

  • Breeders / producers / aquaculturists: These professionals are looking for new tools and technical innovations, to be used routinely or in the field, to meet the needs of the industry: health, biosafety, ecology, yield, welfare of animals..;
  • Research: animal research centers and the academic world are looking for new technological approaches and know-how to support their studies, to carry out biological analyses for diagnostic applications, for prediction or selection of individuals, to analyze the effects of a treatment or a specific diet…
  • Veterinarians: this scientific sector is always on the lookout for innovations to optimize the advice given to professionals and private individuals alike: early diagnosis of pathologies, targeted use of antibiotics, prescription of treatments or individualized feeding…
  • Manufacturers: these players are looking for biomarkers and tests to monitor health, quality and product traceability. A supplier of food or food supplements may need animal health markers to support the benefits of its products.
    Algae and micro-algae manufacturers, or those involved in ecological engineering, are looking for markers of the impact and non-toxicity of their products.

The diagnostics developed by DIAG4ZOO are based on the upstream identification of DNA or RNA biomarkers, and can be used on existing automated systems (PCR, real-time PCR, digital PCR), or directly in the field (strip test).

The scientific team’s expertise in biomarker identification is not dependent on animal species. Its know-how in test design (PCR or field) is applicable to any species and for many applications.

Our products

DIAG4ZOO offers several kits dedicated to Aquaculture:

The company also supplies 4 different kits for teaching PCR to over 50 higher education establishments (BTS, IUT, engineering schools). A range of products dedicated to teaching to train students in PCR techniques, molecular biology and bioinformatics.

Diag4Zoo Team