• Detecting viruses in complex samples
    The power of next-generation sequencing (NGS) combined with cutting-edge bioinformatics tools can reveal the presence of viruses, even in very small quantities, in a complex sample.
  • DIAG4ZOO offers a precise nodavirus detection service
    DIAG4ZOO provides a precise and highly sensitive nodavirus detection service. Based on the one-step RT-qPCR technique, this service is a valuable asset in the technical and operational arsenal of aquaculture production management, farm surveillance and epidemic management. This service offers numerous advantages for aquaculture stakeholders, not only in terms of biosecurity and sustainable farm management, but also in scientific terms (transmission dynamics, monitoring of strain evolution, and development of new treatments) and economic terms (guaranteeing the good health of farms leads to economic stability and market satisfaction).
  • DIAG4ZOO uses its technical expertise in genetics to identify the different species of tuna fish
    DIAG4ZOO offers the fishing and seafood processing industries a tuna species identification service based on meat samples (loin, steak, etc.). We tell you more about the services offered by DIAG4ZOO and their usefulness.
  • DIAG4ZOO performs microbiome analysis of samples from aquaculture productions
    DIAG4ZOO was recently commissioned by a major European aquaculture producer to study the ecosystem of its ponds, i.e. to analyze all the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts) predominant in the environment studied. The microbiome analysis method allows the identification and enumeration of these microorganisms by isolating and simply reading their genomes present in the collected samples (water, larva, feces…).