• DIAG4ZOO uses its technical expertise in genetics to identify the different species of tuna fish
    DIAG4ZOO offers the fishing and seafood processing industries a tuna species identification service based on meat samples (loin, steak, etc.). We tell you more about the services offered by DIAG4ZOO and their usefulness.
  • DIAG4ZOO performs microbiome analysis of samples from aquaculture productions
    DIAG4ZOO was recently commissioned by a major European aquaculture producer to study the ecosystem of its ponds, i.e. to analyze all the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts) predominant in the environment studied. The microbiome analysis method allows the identification and enumeration of these microorganisms by isolating and simply reading their genomes present in the collected samples (water, larva, feces…).
  • DIAG4ZOO develops a genetic traceability method dedicated to swordfish
    DIAG4ZOO was commissioned by a leading European food company specializing in the distribution of seafood products to trace fish samples presented as swordfish. This work required research and development for the development of a new method of species identification via genetic biomarkers from a few milligrams of flesh.
  • DIAG4ZOO presents its activity during the summer school “One Health” organized by Montpellier University of Excellence
    The Summer School “One Health” of the Key Initiative Muse “Risks & Vectors” (September 7-10, 2021, Montpellier, France) is intended for master students to better understand the concept of “One Health” and to better know the actors of Occitania in connection with this theme. In this context, DIAG4ZOO presents its activity, its expertise in molecular biology, its veterinary diagnostics, and its biological analysis services for animal research and industry: detection of pathogens, biological markers of interest, PCR…