• DIAG4ZOO presents its activity during the summer school “One Health” organized by Montpellier University of Excellence
    The Summer School “One Health” of the Key Initiative Muse “Risks & Vectors” (September 7-10, 2021, Montpellier, France) is intended for master students to better understand the concept of “One Health” and to better know the actors of Occitania in connection with this theme. In this context, DIAG4ZOO presents its activity, its expertise in molecular biology, its veterinary diagnostics, and its biological analysis services for animal research and industry: detection of pathogens, biological markers of interest, PCR…
  • DIAG4ZOO brings its technical know-how in qPCR analysis to a Belgian company specialised in horse health
    From blood samples taken from 18-month-old foals and mares at the end of pregnancy, the company performed qPCR analysis to measure the expression of several genes associated with a high risk of developing osteochondrosis Montpellier, May 10th 2021 According to several studies, more than 50% of young horses (less than two years old) present osteoarticular […]
  • DIAG4ZOO performs genetic analysis of seafood products to determine their species
    DIAG4ZOO was recently retained by a food manufacturer to verify the traceability of the products purchased and confirm that the species of tuna ordered corresponded to the product delivered Montpellier, April 26th 2021 According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), “tuna catches of all species reached their highest level in […]
  • DIAG4ZOO has a recognized expertise in the detection of Nodavirus
    DIAG4ZOO has been retained by a French research institute to verify by qPCR the presence of Nodavirus in sea bass farms. This type of analysis comes in complement of the Nodavirus kit proposed by the company and used by other French teams present in overseas Montpellier, October 26th 2020 The Nodavirus, a RNA virus, causes […]