DIAG4ZOO has 25 years’ experience in developing solutions and innovations to improve our understanding of animal biology, develop new diagnostics, and improve animal health monitoring and farm management.

Our expertise in the veterinary field

DIAG4ZOO’ activity is dedicated to the identification of biomarkers and to the development of diagnostics dedicated to veterinary issues.

With 25 years’ experience, DIAG4ZOO has developed a high level of expertise in the animal sector, and is able to provide solutions tailored to the needs of the following areas: health, biosafety, ecology, yield and animal welfare.

The company’s diagnostics are based on the upstream identification of DNA or RNA biological markers using a platform including sequencing and PCR (qPCR, dPCR) tools, combined with bioinformatics and Data Science tools for statistical analysis.

The aim is to bring added value or key information to producers and scientists, by identifying and validating biomarkers in any type of sample or tissue, whatever the species studied.

DIAG4ZOO’s technical know-how is unique and adaptable, enabling it to respond rapidly to specific needs: early pathology diagnosis, survival prediction, selection of resistant individuals, analysis of the effects of a specific treatment or diet…

Its scientific team applies its know-how and expertise to the provision of services and the development of diagnostics.

  • SERVICES: biological analysis services for various research teams, in different fields: industry (treatment/vaccine/food), producers, breeders and aquaculturists, academic research, veterinary laboratories…
    These biological analyses have involved the study of the transcriptome, genome or microbiome, using different types of sample (blood, water, tissue, etc.), depending on the species and the equipment available.
  • DIAGNOSTICS: development of innovative tests for applications in biosafety, pathogen detection, disease monitoring, sexing of individuals, traceability…

DIAG4ZOO is thus present in many fields of application in the animal world :

  • Aquaculture: selection of resistant broodstock, survival markers, nutritional biomarkers, early sexing, immunity…
  • Breeding: genome sequencing, identification of biomarkers of interest, mutation identification, selection of individuals, development of routine tests…
  • Equine: horse health, doping, blood markers, etc.
  • Companion animals: vaccines, prognostic biomarkers associated with pathologies…
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