Expertise qPCR analysis in horse health

From blood samples taken from 18-month-old foals and mares at the end of pregnancy, the company performed qPCR analysis to measure the expression of several genes associated with a high risk of developing osteochondrosis

Montpellier, May 10th 2021

According to several studies, more than 50% of young horses (less than two years old) present osteoarticular pathologies to varying degrees. In some cases, an osteo-cartilaginous fragment detaches from the joint and causes osteochondritis dissecans or OCD.

In previous studies conducted by Professor Didier Serteyn of the University of Liège (Belgium), a diet rich in energy during the last month of gestation was associated with a higher risk of development of osteochondrosis in the foal. Thus, the expression of several genes associated with energy metabolism is altered in individuals at risk of developing osteochondrosis.

qPCR analysis for foal gene expression performed by Diag4Zoo

The objective of the study conducted by the Belgian company specialized in horse health and technically carried out by DIAG4ZOO was to perform qPCR analyses of the expression of several genes in the 18-month-old foal and in the mare during the last month of gestation and, in particular, the genes coding for a family of proteins “MGAT4A”.

The realization of this service confirms the quality of the expertise of the Diag4Zoo team in the realization of qPCR analysis as well on the technical level (biological) as in the statistical analysis of the obtained data.